100th anniversary of Tsar family – Romanovs

This July we invite you to visit Russia, Ekaterinburg. During these days it will be one of the biggest historical and cultural events in the city.

Where to go: Ekaterinburg

When:14-21 July

  • Guides available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Sweden, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

    We offer a special tour for you for 1 or 2 days. You will have a city-tour and you will see the 4th biggest city in Russia. It is a modern, prosperous and dynamic city. This is the city that is situated in the border between Europe and Asia and has that interesting mix in the culture and life’s style.

    And also we will organize a special tour for you so that you can learn more about one of the main tsar dynasty in Russia, you will know the history of Russia, you will learn about life of the last Russian tsar.

    The execution of the royal family is still full of legends and secrets. So our professional guides will tell you different theories.

    During the excursion we will visit the place where the last tsar and his family spent the last days. The house was demolished during a Soviet period, but nowadays there is a Church-on-the-Blood. You also will visit the monastery Ganina Yama where were hidden bodies of tsar family. Nowadays it is one of the biggest monastery in the Ural, where you can visit the museum of tsar family and also admire the beauty of wooden churches and Russian architectures.

    Don’t forget to order your excursion in advance.

    For more details and booking you can contact us via e-mail: Office@tour-to russia. com