The most famous people: the Demidoff dynasty

Every country has the most famous dynasty in the history. Today we want to tell you about the Demidoff dynasty. And actually we really recommend visiting the Nevyansk Lining tower and seeing the whole history by you own eyes, as it is the most interesting family in the Urals. And of course this dynasty keeps a lot of secrets. Today we want to tell you the most interesting facts about the Demidoff family.

  1. Demidoff is a noble family, though the progenitor was just a blacksmith.

  2. Demidoff has the connection with the most famous family in the world – Bonoparte.

  3. Demidoff got the Italian title of Prince of San Donato.

  4. Demidoff developed the industry in the Ural. The metal produced by them was the best one and was very popular in Europe because of its high quality. Do you know that the Palace was constructed of Demidoff metal?

  5. Demidoff found and successfully developed one of the Siberian city – Barnaul.

  6. In Yekaterinburg you can visit the museum-café “Demidoff” and dive in the history during your meal. Actually I like here everything the design (here you can see a lot of examples of iron-cast) and food (you can try really Russian traditional meal).

  7. There are rumors about cruelty of the Demidoff dynasty. For example, nobody knows the name of the architecture who built the Nevyansk Leaning tower, as the legend said Demidoff killed him as he wanted to own the best creation of this architecture.

  8. Demidoff was a very rich family and sometimes they spent the money in the strange way. For example to build the Leaning tower it cost him about 4200 rubles and he also bought the clock for this tower that cost about 5000 rubles! By the way, you still can see this famous clock!

  9. In 1720 there was a big scandal between N.Demidoff and V.Tatishchiev (one of the founder of the Yekaterinburg).

  10. The Demidoff family rejected to open any “kabaks” (alcohols shops or restaurants) in their cities because they didn’t want the workers in their factories would be drunk and the quality of their work would be worse and so they prevented any bad occasions. And during 34 years for this action they paid a tax to the government (as the alcohol industry lost a lot in this area).

Learn more about Demidoff and Ural you can can during our excursions in Yekaterinburg!

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