Excursions during the Ural Museum Night 2018

Dear toursts, we invite you to join our new excursion “Ekatetinburg is a city of contrasting architecture” in May,19. May,19 is a big event, that called “The night of Museums”. This event is a big culture festival in Ekaterinburg. We will provide our excursions in Russian, English and Spanish. During our new excursion “Ekaterinburg is a city of contrasting architecture» you will see the face of our city, its architectural appearance, that changes over the years. Actually Ekaterinburg is almost 300 years and you will surprise to know how many interesting things has happened in the history in one of the biggest cities in Russia. During the walk we will see classisism in the architecture of XIX c., find the Baroque elements in the shape of the houses, admire the eclecticism of the main mansion in Ekaterinburg, we will make a lot of interesting discoveries about the history of the City administration building and its neoclassical style. You will learn that even one building in Ekaterinburg can tell about the whole history of the city.
Duration of the excursion: 80-90 min.
Date: May 19, 2018
17 00 – 18:30 excursion in Russian
19:00 -20:30 excursion in English
Where will we start the tour: in front of the house Sevastyanov House(at the right of the rotunda on the embankment)
Price: 250 rubles – for adults, 200 rubles – for students and upon presentation of student or senior people.
17:30 -18:30 excursion in Spanish.
Price: free
Where will we start the tour near the installation “RUSSIA 2018” near the Dam.
Please pay attention,that pre-registration is requiredYou can book the place by tel.: +7 (343) 346-98-44, or e –mail: office@tour-to-russia.com