New special master-class how to cook “pelmeni” or “vareniki”

Dear friend,
We prepare for you something special!
Usually people come to Ural to visit the border between Europe and Asia and take a photo here. And it is a lot of fun!
But we also want to tell you that lots of tourists miss one of the most important part of our life! Ural cuisine! When you come to Yekaterinburg, you definitely need to try Ural dumplings – “pelmeni”! They are delicious!!!! However, don’t mix them up with Chinese dumplings. They are different! Also we recommend to try our traditional food – “vareniki”. Yummy!!
We create a new option special for you. Nowadays you can order a special food master-class how to cook “pelmeni” or “vareniki”. You will visit the best restaurant that is specialized in this cuisine. Our cook is a professional. Our products are the best one – we bring it for you from the farm (healthy, natural and delicious!).
During the master-class you will learn about traditional Russian food and learn how to cook it! And of course we will taste it! What can be more interesting than that! If you really want to know Russian culture and traditions –this is the way!
The best news that we provide this option for group, and either for individuals. Even 1 person can enjoy this master-class. And the price will be the same!
Let us know, when you want to order. Just write down to our e-mail:
We recommend you to combine it with walking tours or city-tour.

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