Winter tour to Russia: Dog-sledding and food master-class

Day 1 – Arrive to Yekaterinburg

Transfer from the railway station to the hotel
Free time
Overnight in the hotel

Day 2 – Walking city-tour + master-class (6 h)

Breakfast in the hotel
Meeting with guide in the hotel.

Today you have a walking city-tour, during this tour you will learn the history of Yekaterinburg, visit the main sights and also you will learn about traditions in Yekaterinburg (New Year’s Russian traditions, traditions of leisure activities in pre-revolutionary Yekaterinburg and Soviet Sverdlovsk). Also today you will visit a very interesting food master-class and will learn how to cook a traditional Ural dish – “pelmeni”. You will learn about traditional Ural cuisine and about “pelmeni”, you will cook it and of course you will try it!

Free time. 
*We also can book for you tickets to the Ballet or Philharmonic.
Overnight in the hotel

Day 3 – Dog-sledding  excursion(6 hours)

Breakfast in the hotel
Meeting with guide in the hotel
Today you will have a dog-sledding excursion

You will see the most beautiful and clever dogs – HUSKIES. During the excursion you will meet different brides of dogs (here 50 dogs). You will learn the history of these dogs and also the history of dog-sledding.

After the necessary instructions you can try a small adventure – a ride on a dog-sled (a circle of 450 m).

After a hot tea, we will go back to the city.
Return to the city.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 4. – Excursion to Ganina Pit.Transfer.

Breakfast in the hotel.
Meeting with a guide.
Today you will go to the excursion to Ganina Pit.

During this excursion you will learn the history of the last Russian tsar’s dynasty – Romanov. You will learn about Nicolai II  about his life, his love, his government, his last days. You will know a lot of legends about the last days of our last tsar.

After that you will have a transfer to the railway station.

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