Web-site user agreement

This is to certify that I (hereinafter referred to as the Person), give my consent to a limited liability company “Magellan”, MRSN 1116674010342, (hereinafter referred to as the Company) for personal data processing that was given during registration/request on the Company web-site (e.g. name, telephone number, e-mail address and etc.), sent (filled) with the use of this web-site. This agreement is prepared in accordance with Federal law of the Russian Federation law from 27.04.2006 № 152-FL “Personal data protection law”, and also Federal law of the Russian Federation from 13.03.2006 №№8-FL “Concerning advertising”.

  1. Processing of personal data, including gather, process, arrangement, keep, modify , change, cut, use, transmit, can be done with the following purposes:
  • To respond to inquiries of the Person, for example for sending newsletters or answering for the questions and reviews
  • To fulfill the provision of the agreement, where the Person is one of the Parties
  • To commit/complete the purchase, for example to process the Person’s payment, to connect with the Person according with this purchase and provide for the Person the related consumer services
  • To provide for the Person the updates and news about our new services, incl. advertisement messages about our promotions and new special offers via any communication channels, incl. mail, SMS, e-mail, telephone and others.

Personal data processing can be done with the use of automatic control and/or without automatic control under the laws of the Russian Federation and the Company regulation. This agreement for personal data processing, given during the Person registration on the Company web-site, extend for 15 (fifteen) years from the date of the Person registration on the Company web-site with the use of automatic control and till the achievement the purpose of personal data processing.

Consent to process personal data given during the Person registration that was sent (filled) on the Company web-site, can be recalled be the Person by the written application (review) to the Company. Personal data proscessing is stopped right after the Company will receive the written application (review) from the Person and/or in the case of achievement the purpose of the process and destruction in the term and conditions, established by legislation, unless otherwise specified.

Hereby the Person is not obliged to provide the false identity (private customer or company), provide a priori unreliable information and information that identify the third person or in relation to the third person. Hereby the Person, upon registration on the Company web-site, should confirm the information reliability and consent to data processing.

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If you continue to use our website, you agree to the use the cookies. You can turn off cookie in the settings of your browser. 

If the Person is under 18 years old, then he/she has to get acquainted with the conditions of this Agreement with the legal representative (parents or foster parents) to ensure that both understand the agreement. If it comes to our knowledge that we receive the information from the person under 18 years old, without parents’ agreement, we will delete this information as soon as possible.

  1. By accepting these conditions, you consent to get the newsletters and advertisement messages (information about our promotions, discounts, contests, events and other special offers, and also about corporate news, enquires) by indicated e-mails and telephone numbers (incl. through sms).

You can refuse to receive the advertisement information by any convenient way:

  1. By accepting these conditions, you consent to use the images on the web-site.