FIFA 2018 in Ekaterinburg. Our advice for you

FIFA 2018 is a very popular and one of the biggest sport event in the world.
And we are so happy to welcome you here in Ekaterinburg.
Here we prepared for you some advice, if you visit Ekaterinburg in this period.
1. When you come to Russia, you will need to fill in a migration card. Don’t lose your part of the migration card, before you leave Russia. If that happens, within 3 days you need to go to FMS. Here they will help you and give you a new card.
2. Can you imagine the queue this day? For the football match we recommend you to come at least 2 hours before the match. Don’t worry that you will come early. There will be lots of activities for fans.
3. Please, pay attention that for entering to the football game you must bring your ticket and FAN ID.You can visit the official web-site and register here.
4. It is prohibited to bring food and drinks, thermos bottles, flasks, selfie-sticks, umbrellas longer than 25 cm, big bags,weapons and pyrotechiques, sprays, sport equipment and banners. All those rules were created for your safety.
5. Ekaterinburg is a very beautiful city with an amazing history. If you want to have a qualified excursion in Ekaterinburg with an English/ Spanish/ Sweden/ Chinese/ German/ French/ Italian/ Korean and Japanese guide, please contact with us via e-mail: We have available guides and our price are not expensive, as many agencies do these days because of FIFA. For us the main thing are: a high quality service that we provide for our guests and your great impression that you will have after visiting our city.
6. And our last advice – if you plan to buy souvenirs, please pay attention that it is forbidden to take out from the country following items: antiques, books, icons, paintings, statues if they are over 100 years; military uniforms, medals and military awards if they are over 50 years.
If you buy modern souvenirs, you will have no problems with customs.
We are glad to welcome you in Ekarerinburg during FIFA and in other period of time too!