TOP 5 souvenirs from Russia

Today we will give for you some advice abot souvenirs from Russia.

IF you travel in Russia, one of the best souvenir that you can buy is a postcard with view to the Russian cities or monuments. You can easily send it in the nearest post office to your family or friends. It is very exciting to get this gift! 
If you will have any questions ot worry how to do this, our guide can help to send it. 

Matryoshka dolls probably the most popular souvenirs that tourists like to buy. It is a very beautiful wooden doll. Inside the doll you can find 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more dolls! It depends of the size of the biggest one. It is a very cute souvenir from Russia.

3. "PLATOK" ( it is a Russian name of the national shawl).
If you want to find something unusual we can recommend you to buy a shawl that has a so bright colours and so many flowers! It is beautiful, unusual and very fashion gift. There are so many different kinds of shawl. If you want to feel warm in the winter and have a warm memory you can buy a shawl that is made from the wool (it is white, grey or black). The most beuriful shawls are made in the city near Moscow, but you can also try to buy it in another cities.


If you visit Ekaterinburg, we recommend yoh to buy a necklace or braclet from semi-precious or precious stones. Here you can find so many beautiful items. All of these are made here from local stones. You are also can find a casket and even pictures that are made from the stone. But you know, it is beautiful, but a little heavy.

5. "Khokhloma" ( Wooden items that are painted in red, gold and black)

If you visit Moscow you can see a lot of wooden items that are painter in local style that definetely will catch your eye. You can buy very beautiful wooden spoons, bowls, cups, cutting boards, caskets and even matryoshka dolls!