Museum night 2017 in Ekaterinburg!

Linguistic Club "Magellan" invites you join our new excursion "Traditions of leisure activities in pre-revolutionary Ekaterinburg and soviet Sverdlovsk" during Museum night 2017 in Ekaterinburg! We will dive into the history of pre-revolutionary Ekaterinburg and soviet Sverdlovsk, learn not only about history of the city, but also about traditions of leisure activities in pre-revolutionary and soviet days.
During our walking tour you can learn how people amused leisure in pre-revolutionary days in Ekaterinburg, learn about folk outdoors festivals and folkmoots and what was in fashion and how people had a rest in soviet period!

Duration: 75-90 minutes

17.00 – excursion in Russian language
19.00 – excursion in English language

Price: 250 Rub – adults, 200 Rub – children, students, pensions.

Start from: opposite to Sevastianov's mansion

Only by pre-appointment requests:

Tel. number: 007 (950) 55-72-195 (WhatsApp)
007 (343) 382-35-69