Wonderful Ural

Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese or other languages.
Start: any day
Number of people: from 1 person
Price: by request (depends on number of people, dates, language, etc)

Day 1: Transfer from Railway station or Airport to Hotel 

Day 2:  City-tour  (4 hours)

During City- tour you will learn the history and legends of Ekaterinburg. The excursion starts in the heart of Ekaterinburg – the Historical Square of the city where you will see the city plan, the monuments of city founders, the dam, the chapel of St.Ekaterina – the patroness of the city. During the excursion you will walk along the old streets of the city that represent the style of the XIX century, see the unique monuments of industrial architecture of the XVIII centurymansions of XVIII-XIX century – Sevastianov mansion, Kharitonov-Rastorguev mansion, learn the literary and theatrical life of Ekaterinburg and also see the face of modern Ekaterinburg -city. You also will visit the Church on the Blood that is situated instead Ipatiev House where Nicolas II and his family lived and were killed.


Excursion to Monastery ​Ganina Yama & Border between Europe and Asia (4 hours)

ганина ямаToday you will visit visit Monastery Ganina Yama where you will laern about history of the last tsar and his family. Ganina Yama is a place of a secret burial site of the tsar’s family. In order to conceal the crime it was decided to leave their bodies in one of the deserted mines of Ganina Yama. In 1979 the Monastery of the Holy Imperial Passion-Bearers was constructed here. In 2000 Patriarch Alexy II blessed the construction of the church on this Saint ground.

Night in the hotel.

Day 3: open-air museum in Nizhaya Sinyachikha (8-9 h)

11111Breakfast in the hotel.

Today we will go to Nizhaya Sinyachikha. During this excursion you will visit an open-air museum of wooden architecture and ancient Russian folk art. You will know Russian traditions and will see how peasants live in XVIII and XIX centuries. During excusrion you also will see ural local painting and you will know what means white chamber and why usually lived there. Lunch in the local restaurant. 

Night in the hotel.

Day 4: Shigirskyi Idol, Mineral Museum , Museum of military equipment in Verhnyaya Pishma (7 hours)

1pysBreakfast in the hotel.

During this excursion you will visit Museum of military equipment in Verhnyaya Pishma. There you will see military and civilian cars, military planes, tanks and submarine and other vehicles, guns and pistols, military uniforms and medals and etc. You will visit  exhibition as inside as outside, too. Also you will observe vintage cars of Russia, France, USA and all modela of Lada.


Idol 2After lunch you will have an interesting excursion to a geological museum, where you will see different kinds of semi-precocious  stones. Yekaterinburg is a fourth capital in Russia – there are lots of natural resources. And during the excursion you will be able to see samples.

Shigirskyi Idol is one of the oldest wooden monuments in the world. Its age is 11 000 years.

Optionally you can choose excursion to Uralmash Plant or Eltzin centre.

The history of Uralmashzavod is not only a history about technology, but also a history of the fate of several generations of people who gave their lives in the name of the glory of Uralmashzavod. Uralmash plant was built in the forest by poor local people. It is thanks to their hard work that one of the world’s largest heavy engineering plants was built in just five years.  Simultaneously with the plant growing up the city was built the streets were laid houses for workers and management.
During excursion you will learn about the greatest men and their lives – you will learn about a son of Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek, who worked closely with the Soviet authorities, who was exiled to the plant, and later became the President of the Republic of Taiwan,also you will learn about Nikolay Kuznetsov who worked in intelligence service during the Great Patriotic War.
These and other intereting facts you will know during our excursion to Uralmashzavod. .

Museum of Boris Yeltsin (Eltzin centre) is a new project for Russia, which marked the beginning of a systematic study, preservation and popularization of the historical heritage of 

Russian presidents. Using the latest technologies, the Museum tells in modern language about the life of the first President of Russia and the most important stages of his political biography. The Central exposition of the Museum “Seven days that changed Russia” is an objective and unbiased study of the era of the 90’s. It is based on original documents and materials that tell about the difficult period of the birth of a new country, the formation of modern Russian democracy.

Transfer to the Railway Station or Airport.

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