Business Russian

Standart program of Russian language course consists of 4 Levels:

Elementary 140 academ. h 800 words
  • Greetings, introduction, invitation
  • How to behave in café, the shop, public transport, hospital, post office
  • Family, work, free time
Basic 140 academ. h 1 300 words
  • Congratulations, ability to express your attitude
  • Telephone conversation
  • My friend, occupation, my schedule, native city
  • Health, weather
  • And the topics of previous level
First Certificate 180 academ. h 2 300 words
  • Ability to begin, continue and finish conversation, request, remind, offer, refuse something
  • How to behave at the hotel, airport, railway station
  • Lifestyle, the importance of learning foreign languages
  • Russia and its regions
  • Your native country – economy, geography, culture
  • Environment
  • And the topics of previous level
The Second Certificate 200 academ. h 6 000 words
  • Privacy
  • A man and a woman
  • Parents and children
  • Travelling
  • Leisure time
  • A man and economy, society, science, politics, etc
  • And the topics of previous level

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