Summer Russian Course and Excursions at Russia

If you want to learn Russian language and discover real Russia, our Summer Russian Course&Excursions at Yekaterinburg is for you!

Why Yekaterinburg?

  • It is situated in the middle of Russia, between Europe and Asia and it combines traditions of East and innovations of the West.
  • It is a cultural and historical centre with landmarks that are famous all-over Russia or even the world.
  • It has amazing nature and unique landscapes with wonderful opportunities for summer o winter entertainments.
  • It is a tourist centre and one of the stays during the famous Trans-Siberian railway.

Summer Russian Course&Excursions includes:

  • Russian language course of 20 hours per week at “LC “MAGELLAN”, including Reference Materials,
  • Excursion program at Yekaterinburg and outside the city (light or intensive)*,
  • Transfer,
  • Visa support.

Details of the course:

Form of learning: individual, self-organized pairs, self-organized groups up to 4 person

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Level: all the levels

Start: any day

*Excursion program: light or intensive:

To order the course

Light program includes one excursion and one event (Museum, Theatre, etc.) per week such as:

  • City tour at the historical centre of the city, – Viewing platform at Vysotsky, – Exposition of Shigir idol (the most ancient wooden idol in the world), – City tour “Soviet Yekaterinburg”, – Jewelry Museum, City tour “Mystical Yekaterinburg” – Yekaterinburg historical Museum, etc.

Intensive program includes whole Light program and one extra excursion outside the city per week such as:

  •  Europe and Asia border, Monastery “Ganina Yama “, Russian Fairy Park “ Park Skazov”, Military Museum at V. Pyshma, Mountain complex “Chertovo Gorodishe”.


Summer Russian Course&Excursions Price:

Number of person

Light program, euro per week

Standart program, euro per week










!!!! You can choose another intensity of the course or combine Summer Russian Course&Excursions with intensive course without excursion or add extra excursion to your tour!

To order the course