Tour to the South Ural (Ufa and Orenburg)

During the tour you will learn about the amazing and rich history of the southern Urals, discover the National particularities of the local people, their way of life and their culture.

Day 1

Arrival in Orenburg

Transfer from Airport to hotel

Free time

Day 2

City-tour in Orenburg in 4 centuries», 4 h:

Tourists will learns about the Orenburg fortress, get acquainted in detail with the historical and architectural monuments of the historical center of the city, such as Gostiny Dvor(merchant court), Caravansary, the building of the Noble (Public) Assembly, the Governor’s Palace and more. During the tour, tourists get answers to the questions: Why is the Russian city named in a foreign way? Why was Orenburg the capital of Kazakhstan? What famous people came to Orenburg and where did they stay? What is the uniqueness of the main city of the Orenburg region?

A visit to the Orenburg Governor’s local history Museum (the hall of the “Gold of the Sarmatians”).

Familiarity with the Cultural complex “national village” – a model of peace and harmony.

Additional option:

Visit to the art-gallery “Orenburg down shawls” with a master class on down knitting-1.5 hours

 Day 3

Excursion to Puchkin’s places, 4 h :

Alexander Pushkin in his life traveled a lot. He loved to discover new places, which then inspired him in his work. Sometimes his trips were forced. So in September 1833 Pushkin goes on a long journey – from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and from there – to Orenburg. What made a famous Russian writer go on such a long journey? And it was a lively interest in the history of the Pugachev uprising. And this interest inspired Pushkin to create two wonderful works: “The history of Pugachev” and ” The Captain’s Daughter.” The guide will acquaint you with the stories of Dahl and “berdinsky old women” about Pugachev’s “Golden chambers” in Berdakh (which you will also visit), “the hut upholstered with copper brass”. Visiting the exposition in the Museum of history of the city “Peasant war of 1773-1775 under The leadership of E. I. Pugachev”.

 Day 4

Excursion «Saraktash miracle» , 7 h:

Excursion to Russian Orthodox Church “Holy Trinity Cloister of Mercy Simeon” in a small village Saraktash in Orenburg region, and then tourists will visit a filming location of the film “Russian riot” on red Mountain, where most of the scenery for the film.

Transfer service in village the Black Spur of Saraktashsky area.

Visit to the Museum of V. S. Chernomyrdin:

– visit to the Church of St. John the Theologian;

– tour of the Museum (halls “Path to history”. “Office of the Prime Minister, “Exhibition of retro cars”, “Library”, “Information center”);

– tea party with pies in Chernomyrdin style.

It is possible to organize the lunch in the Black Spur (dishes according to the recipes of Valentina Chernomyrdin)

Departure by night train to Ufa

 Day 5

Arrive early in the morning in Ufa.

Meeting tourists in national costumes (optianally)

Check in to the hotel


Visit to the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan

The national Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan is the largest Museum of the Republic, which has more than 30 rooms, which are made in different themes.  Here is presented and the water world of the Republic of Bashkortostan and wild animals, there is also a hall dedicated to primitive people, there is a hall dedicated to the Burzian bee, as well as the soldiers of the Civil War. There is a hall telling about Salavat Yulaev. Also one of the most interesting halls is the hall dedicated to the Caves of the Republic of Bashkortostan and etc.

Visit to the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

The museum has an exhibition of archaeological, ethnographic and anthropological collections collected during scientific expeditions. It contains the richest collections on all periods of ancient and medieval history of the South Ural, including the famous collection of Filippov mounds “Gold of the Sarmatians”, accumulated valuable materials on the culture and life of the peoples of the region.

Nowadays museum collections are the basis for fundamental archaeological and ethnological research.


City-tour in Ufa (South and North of the city), 3h

This excursion will show you the city from all its sides. You will go through the historical center, visit the main attractions of Ufa, see the houses of the most famous merchants of Ufa province, and also go to the Northern part of the city. You will learn interesting stories about the North of Ufa, and get acquainted with the area Chernikovka, which is made in the style of Stalin’s Empire, which will give you a complete picture of the city of Ufa.

Dinner in the restaurant. Here you will enjoy local food (Bashkir dishes) and  national music and dances

Arrival at the hotel, free time

Day 6


Excursion to the Museum of horse breeding and equestrian sports

The exhibition includes several thematic sections. One of them tells about the Bashkir breed of horses. Here you will see a diagram illustrating the life of Bashkirs, the nature of the region and, of course, horses. A significant place in the exhibition is occupied by the section of equestrian sports, where photo and documentary materials, sports equipment and much more are collected. The special pride of the Museum was the wall of records, which depicted 12 of the most famous horses that set records at the Ufa Hippodrome. Here you can see the cups won by the Bashkir team in various competitions.

 Excursion to a reacetrack Akbuzat. Ufa Hippodrome traces its history back to 1883. The building is made in the high-tech style, in the image of a winged horse from the Bashkir epic Ural-Batyr-Akbuzat. Inside the building you will have a tour in a museum, which tells about the history of the origin of horse breeding in Bashkortostan and making a national drink kumysi. Also inspection of stables of racehorses, there will be an opportunity to look from a tribune at horses. Horseback riding and visiting the real blacksmirth.

Excursion to the Museum of Honey. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with all varieties of honey, learn about its unique properties, also see the most natural cosmetics based on Bashkir honey


Master class on playing and making kuray the national Bashkir instrument. Kuray is not only an extremely useful medicinal plant, it can also produce amazing beauty music. At the master class you will learn how to make a musical instrument, and an experienced programmer will give the basics of playing that wonderful instrument.


Arrival at the hotel, free time

Day 7


Visiting a fold festival Sabantuy

Sabantuy is a holiday of the peoples of Bashkiria and Tatarstan in honor of the harvest, demonstrating the strength and agility of Bashkirs and Tatars, promoting a healthy lifestyle. It has a long history, has preserved its traditions today.

 You will take part in various national games and competitions, get acquainted with the most favorite fun of all Bashkir horsemen-wrestling Quresh. You will see horse races of real Bashkir stallions, enjoy truly real Bashkir treats, such as: pilaf on lamb, balish, chak-chak and much more.

 Arrival in Ufa


Arrival at the hotel, free time

Day 8


equestrian on horseback

Transfer by comfortable bus (150 km. ). Today you will have an experience in learning Equestrian Sport.

Firstly you will have instruction about safety and learn the basics of horseback riding.

After that you will have a horseback riding for7 km. After that you will have an excursion into the cave.

Lunch and return to the base where the bus is waiting for us.

19: 00 departure to Ufa, arrival in the city 21: 00 (approximately).

Transfer to hotel