About Moscow

MOSCOW is the capital of Russia. It is the most beautiful city in our country! If you don't see Moscow, you don't see Russia. Moscow it the biggest city in Russia and in Europe, it is bigger than London! Moscow is historical and cultural city here you can see more than 600 monuments! We really recommend you to visit one of the oldest fortress in Moscow – Kremlin. Nowsays it is the place where our president works, but it is also opened for tourists! Moscow is the the fastest growing business city! 78 billioners live here, more than in New York! Moscow ballet is very famous! We are recommend you to go to Bolshoi theater and enjoy the Russian ballet! There is the biggest and oldest zoo in Russia! It was built in 1864 and there are more than 600 animals! Moscow has the most beautiful subway in Russia! There are 12 lines (197 stations!). It is one of the busiest subway in the world (1st place – Tokio!). Moscow is an art city. It has a lot of museums and art galleries, for example the Tretyakovskaya Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and etc. Moscow is also a very green city! There are a lot of public parks like the Gorky park, Sokolniki and etc. Welcom to Moscow – here you will have a great time!