Which excusion is more interesting in Ekaterinburg

You still think which excusion is more interesting in Ekaterinburg? Don’the waste you time. Welcome to our city-tour with visiting the border between Europe and Asia. During the excursion you will know the legends about Ural mountains.
Do you know that during the foundation there was a big scandal about a bribe?
Do you know that Ekaterinburg was built as a fortress?
Do you know that the acient mountain in the world (about 4.2 billions years) is a Mount Pencil (it is a part of Ural mountain).
We also recommend you to combine this excursion with a museum of jewelery and stone-cutting.
Do you like semi-precious and precious stones? Because we can definitely tell you that Ural stones are amazing!
Do you know that in Ekaterinburg there is a rock crystall that we called Malutka  (Malutka = Baby). The weight of this “baby” stone is 737 kg.
So many interesting facts are in our excursion. Most of them will impresse you so much, we guarantee it.

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