Our team


 Yulia Lekanova, Director, founder.

I work in the sphere of incomming tourism since 2011. 

In 2014 I graduated the educational program of the State plan of preparation of managers for the organizations of national economy of the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal University

In November, 2016 I took part in international internship with specialty “Forming of travel products and promotion of regions” in France, Paris- Lyon.

In December, 2016 I passed “Certificate program of cross-cultural understanding and strategies in emerging economies” in India.

Our country is full of natural, historical and cultural attractions and landmarks. My mission is to show the beauty of Russia to as many people as possible and make the stay of foreigners in our country comfortable and pleasant. 

We are glad to welcome in Ekaterinburg and other cities guests from all-over the world. We respect and pay attention to their cultural particularities and show them our traditions and hospitality!


Anna Vasilina, English guide and travel manager

My name is Anna. And for me travelling is the most important thing. Russia is so big and amazing country and there are so many things to see. For me it is a great pleasure to help you to feel here like at home and visit the most beautiful places.

I am a tour guide and travel manager since 2011 and I really love my job! If you want to have the most exciting travel in your life, you should come to Russia!

Every year people come here from different countries: the USA, England, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China and all of them have a great fun here and they are suprised about beauty and culture! Also if you will go to Russia – I recommend to go to Transsiberian Road. Or at list visit Moscow – Kazan – Ekaterinburg and Irkutsk! Such trip is unforgettable, I really recommend it. So if you have any questions you can write me the e-mail to office@tour-to-russia.com and I will be glad to answer to all your questions.

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Catherine Selesneva, FrenchEnglish and Russian guide.

Catherine has graduated linguistic department of Russian University and University of Lion (France) and became a professional interpreter.

She worked in french companies, took part of international events.

Catherine works in the sphere of tourism since 2009 year. She is really fond of providing excursion in Ekaterinburg for french tourists


Julia, German guide

Julia is a professional interpreter, linguist.

2007 -DAAD- Stipendium (Munich, TUM) 

1994 – Summer School in Virginia, USA 

“Ich heiße Julia und meine Hobbys sind Reisen und Fremdsprachen. Mir macht Spaß neue Leute kennenzulernen und sich mit den Traditionen, Sitten und Bräuchen anderer Länder bekanntzumachen.

Ich lade alle Gäste in unsere Stadt ein. Wir erzählen Ihnen die Geschichte unseres Gebietes und zeigen viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, glauben sie mir, es wird sehr spannend!”

Marina Zlatoustova, English guide

2014 – Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg), degree in International Relations 

I’ve been working as a teacher of English for some years and recently I’ve also become a tour guide as it’s always been a passion of mine – travelling to different places, communicating with foreigners as well as showing them the most outstanding places of our native country.

I enjoy showing tourists the city of Ekaterinburg with its unique architecture and history where one can spend unforgettable time visiting numerous museums or just walking and exploring the city and places outside Ekaterinburg, like the Border between Europe and Asia or Ghanina Yama to find out more information about the last Russian Royal family.

So, you are always welcome, and I will be really glad to show you our magnificent city – Ekaterinburg!


Svetlana Molodniakova, English and Russian guide

Svetlana is linguist and interpreter by education.

“Since 2011 I have been making excursions in Ekaterinburg. Since recently I’ve started to pay more attention to themed tours that can help speaking about city living and its beauty in more details. I’ m sure that our city is a real  discovery for tourisrt, an open air museum. It is an industrial city with a great history. It is full of nice architectural monuments of different epoch and styles, from classicism to constructivism.

The aficionados of landscape art will find in Ekaterinburg wonderful samples of this sphere. Landscape tourism that is so popular in Europe is possible in Ekaterinburg either! Industrial history enthusiast will learn much new about its development in the region, its traditions and modern stage. And what about Ekaterinburg legends? And conduits in the old believers’ manors? And gold rush?
I will show you our city with a greate pleasure!

Cherepanova Oksana, English and Russian guide

Oksana is an interpreter by education

“I welcome all the guests & residents of our wonderful city!

I’ve lived in Ekaterinburg not for a long time, but still I managed to learn a lot about the city, love it & now I’m ready to share my knowledges, discoveries & impressions with you, my Dear friends!

The most important thing in my life is self-development. I’m always glad for new meetings :)”

Ivashchenko Ekaterina, Italian guide 
Ekaterina, 8 years “journey” in Italian language world, experience as interpreter and guide for individual tourists and groups.

“Do you know who is that famous Ekaterina who gave the name to our city? Do you know how people 300 years ago stole copper in the very heart of Ekaterinburg? Do you know whose bones were found under our central square? Do you know about the first Russian gold? And what about the last Russian emperor’s destiny? 
Our city has a lot of hidden gems and incredible stories and legends to tell you. Those who are ready to be all eyes will discover the unique and spectacular Ural city”.

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Natalia Terehova, English and Russian guide

Natalya is linguist and interpreter by education. She is the author of books and manual. All her life is connected with English language.

She works as a guide since 2014 year with groups from India, Turkey, Thailand, Russia, etc.


Anastasiya, Chinese guide

Anastasiya finished Beijing Language and Culture University and she has the highest level of chinese. 

She is professional interpreter and she worked in chinese companies for some years.

He is a guide in Ekaterinburg since 2014, she likes to welcome chinese groups and to demonstrate to them the beauty of our city.