Educational tours to Russia

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Educational tours is a great opportunity not only to learn language in linguistic environment but also a chance to see the country, its cities and famous landmarks, meet new people and discover their cultural traditions and way of life.

Why to Ekaterinburg?

  • kartaIt is one of the educational, cultural and historical centres of Russia that offers a lot of possibilities to learn Russian history and culture by visiting landmarks that are famous all-over Russia or even the world.
  • It has charming nature and unique landscapes of mountains and rivers that give you great opportunities for summer or winter entertainments.
  • It is situated at the border of Europe and Asia and combines traditions of East and achievements of the West that will help you to discover real Russia and enjoy our traditions,
  • It is a tourist centre and one of the stays during the famous Trans-Siberian railway.

Why with us?

– We offer different types of Russian language courses: business, general, communicative courses, preparation for TORFL, ect.

– You can choose any intensity (10-40 academic hours per week) and duration (1-12 weeks) of the course.

– The courses can start any day you want.

– We provide special summer and winter Russian language tour in Ekaterinburg.

– We provide additional services: visa support, transfer, all types of accommodation (Hotel, Hostel, Host family or rent apartment).

– We have flexible prices and special offer for groups.

– We have on-line Russian language course and Russian speaking classes.

To specify the details of price, duration, dates and payment conditions please contact us!

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