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Here we will publish some interesting and useful information about our country, Ural mountains, Ekaterinburg and other cities, natural and historical landmarks, current cultural and sport events, useful advices for travellers.

Museum of Military Equipment in Verkhnyaya Pyshma

This Military Museum was awarded as “The Best Museumof Military History” by the Russian Military historical Society in November, 2015.
This museum is a very unique and it is really worth to visit it. For 10 years the museum has collected more than 500 pieces of military equipment, unique collections of domestic awards, military regalia, mass-dimensional models of firearms, as well as uniforms, equipment, insignia of the Russian armed forces from the XVIII century to the present day.

Auto museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Automobile museum is the biggest in the Ural and is located near Yekaterinburg. Here you can enjoy the exhibition of retro cars, bikes and motorcycles. It has the largest collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles in Russia. Your will see 130-year history of transport in our country and the world.

Сultural tour to Cossacks city

During this excursion you will visit Aramil village that was founded in the XVII c. and you will learn about Russian Cossacks and how they protect Russian lands from Bashkirs raids. During the excursion you will learn about Cossacks life and try their habits and even put on their clothes, and participate in reconstruction of battle between Cossacks and Bashkir tribe

Irbit – the city of famous Irbit Fair and Motocycles

Irbit is one of the oldest cities in the Urals. It was settled in 1631 – and soon this city became very  popular because of its famous Irbit Trade Fair. During the Second World War lots of factories were evacuated to Irbit and since that time it became one of the major industrial cities.

The festival of bell ringing “Kamensk-Uralsky – bell capital”

Lots of professional bell ringers from different cities in Russia (Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, and etc) and bell ringers from Europe ( Belarus, Latvia, and etc.) Will participate in this festival.
Also you will enjoy the performance of Russian folk chorus.

How much money do I need for travelling in Russia?

So you plan to travel to Russia for 4-7 days. You have already booked your flight and your hotel booked. How much money do you need for food/ entertainment/ souvenirs and etc.?

Actually it depends on the city, of course in Moscow as it is a capital of Russia and the most expensive city in our country the price are high as in New York.

In average you can spend 50-100 $ per day.

Today it is the first Russian Museum-factory for the development of engineering of ferrous metallurgy. The museum was established in 1989. From 1725 to 1917 it was the best and well-kown iron-smelting and iron-making factory that was built by Demidov, and after 1917 it became a famouse Nizhny Tagil factory.

During our excursion you will know all stages of development of a typical Ural plant using different energy sources: water, steam, electricity.

The annual spectacular Air Balloon Festival that takes place in Ural from June,29 – July,6.

You can stay for 3 days in Kungur and will be able to visit Air Balloon Festival, visit local fair, enjoy musical concerts and have a tour to Kungur Ice Cave where you will be able to explore grottoes with stalagmites and stalactites!

You can contact us and we will help you to organize tour to Russia in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Sweden, Italian and Spanish!

Excursion to Kungur ice cave
We have a new excursion to our famous Kungur ice cave! Now you can order this excursion for 1 day from Yekaterinburg!

It is an outstanding and deep cave in Ural Mountains. We recommemd to book the tour to Kungur Ice Cave during summer time. As it is the best time to feel the difference in temperature and a unique experience…

Interesting events in August, 2018 in Ekatsrinburg

August is warm, sunny and very pleasant month to visit Russia. Moreover August is full of folk, historical and musical events. And if you are interested in Russian culture, we really recommend you to join it.

August, 10-12 – XVI Irbit yarmarka
Irbit yarmarka or Irbit fair is one of thr main culture event in Russia. Irbit fair was the second biggest fair in Russia during imperias days. On those days people came there to buy mainly tea and furs, nowadays you can join thus big trade and cultural event and try local food or buy ethnic souvenirs. And don’t forget to see a famous Irbit bike museum.
August, 11 – A ball in memory of Elizaveta Fedorovna Romanova

Top 5 cities in Sverdlovsk region to enjoy your time in the Ural

Ekaterinburg is a very beautiful city. In Russia it is well-known as the 4th main and the 4th biggest city.

We recommend you not only come for 2 days and have a city-tour. We recommend you to come for 3-5 days. So what to visit? Here 5 top cities near Ekaterinburg that are worth to visit.

1. Verkhnyaya Pyshma


100th anniversary of Tsar family – Romanovs

This July we invite you to visit Russia, Ekaterinburg. During these days it will be one of the biggest historical and cultural events in the city.

Where to go: EkaterinburgWhen:14-21 July

  • Guides available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Sweden, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

FIFA 2018 in Ekaterinburg. Our advice for you

We are happy to welcome you here in Ekaterinburg. Here we prepared for you some advice, if you visit Ekaterinburg in this period.
1. When you come to Russia, you will need to fill in a migration card. Don’t lose your part of the migration card, before you leave Russia. If that happens, within 3 days you need to go to FMS. Here they will help you and give you a new card…

Japanese, Chinese and Korean guides in Ekaterinburg

Recently Ekaterinburg has become popular among foreigners tourists from Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, who really appreciate the beauty of Ekaterinburg in our excursions.
Usually they want to have excursion in Ekaterinburg in Japanese, Chinese, Korean. our company provides such servicese…

Visiting traditional Russian banya

If you travel to Russia first time – we recommend you to go to the Russian ballet and to the Russian banya. Definetely, you need to try these two things.

Today we want to tell you more details about our option “visiting traditional Russian banya”.

Which excursion is more interesting in Ekaterinburg

You still think which excuкsion is more interesting in Ekaterinburg? Don’the waste you time. Welcome to our city-tour with visiting the border between Europe and Asia. During the excursion you will know the legends about Ural mountains.
Do you know that during the foundation there was a big scandal about a bribe?

Varför borde manbesöka Jekaterinburg?

Jekaterinburg är en jättefinstad i mitten av hela Ryssland! Den ligger vid Uralbergen och ärgrundad 1721 av tsar Peter I av Ryssland och uppkallad efter hans maka. Jekaterinburg har intressant och stor historia och nu är staden Rysslands fjärde största.

Yekaterinburg is one of the Host Cities for 2018 FIFA World Cup

It’s a well-known fact that Yekaterinburg is one of the Host Cities for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Four matches will take place at the newly-reconstructed stadium in June and July. Thousands of football fans from various countries will come to our city.

Every country has the most famous dynasty in the history. And of course this dynasty keeps a lot of secrets. Today we want to tell you the most interesting facts about the Demidoff family.
  1. Demidoff is a noble family, though the progenitor was just a blacksmith.
  2. Demidoff has the connection with the most famous family in the world – Bonoparte.

Important hints about Russian custom

Today we want to tell you about our customer rules. It is very important to read after booking the trip to Russia and before going to the airport!
Actually, there is no special rules for foreigner travelers.
Of course, such things as weapons, drugs and dangerous chemical substances are not allowed.

6 FAQs about winter tours in Russia

1) Can I book a Trans-Siberian tour during winter time?
Of course, you can! Trans-Siberian tour is available the whole year.  You can travel in winter, spring, summer and autumn.
2) What kind of activities can I have during a winter tour?
Welcome to Ural!
Ural is the middle part in Russia and here you can visit the border between Europe and Asia. And cross this border without your passport!Ural is the best place for tourists.Here you can stay for 1.week, because here so many cities and places that you should visit – Yekaterinburg, Nizniy Tagil, Taganai, Arkaim and etc.

Top-5  view points in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is one of the biggest cities in Russia. It is a very beautiful city. So we want to write todau where yoi can admire the beauty of our city.
1) View point in the skyscraper Vysotskiy
2) ….
Today we want to tell you about a very unteresting excursion to Nevyansk. Here you can find some advice – Why to go? How to go? When to go?
Why to go?
Nevyansk city is a famouse by its Leaning tower. Have you ever been in Italy, Pisa? Did you see a falling tower?

Travel tips about Russian visa and passport for foreigners

Here you can find the most important things that you should learn before travel to Russia. These things are really necessary to know for all foreigners if you want safe and comfortable trip to Russia.

  1. If you want to travel to Russia, you need to get russian visa(except some countries which have visa-free policy with Russia,please see the list below). 

Night Museum 2017 in Ekaterinburg: being a part of world traditions

In May, 20, 2017 we will hane an international cultural event that is called Night Museum. And we are happy to welcome you to this event this year in Ekaterinburg! 

6 May, 2017 Yeltsin Center became the best European Museum of the Year

The museum of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin was choosen from more than 46 museums of 24 European countries. It is a very high nomination in the world and for this new-opened museum it is a really great award.

Is it worth to go to Golden Ring in Russia?

If you are interested to travel in Russia, you can find a tour package to Golden Ring. Golden Ring tour becomes more and more popular not only for local citizens but also for foreigners.

So today we will tell you 5 reasons why to go to this amazing trip.

The TOP – 5 cities in Russia, which you defenitely need to visit!

Where to travel to Russia? Do you want to have an unbelievable tour to Russia and don’t know where to go?
This is The TOP – 5 cities in Russia, which you defenitely need to visit!
1) Moscow. 
2) Saint- Petersburg
3) …

TOP 5 souvenirs that you can bring from Russia

Matryoshka dolls probably the most popular souvenirs that tourists like to buy. It is a very beautiful wooden doll. Inside the doll you can find 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more dolls! It depends of the size of the biggest one. It is a very cute souvenir from Russia.